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Frank Hindriks

Frank Hindriks is professor of ethics, social and political philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen. He received a Veni-grant (Normativity in Action: A New Theory of Moral Responsibility), as well as an MVI grant (Towards a Sustainable Electricity Market; together with Machiel Mulder), both from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. Hindriks is one of the founding editors of the Journal of Social Ontology, and the vice-president of the International Social Ontology Society. His research in ethics concerns intentional action, moral responsibility, and the role of rationalizations in moral judgment. His research in social and political philosophy concerns social groups, institutions, and organizations with a particular focus on the freedom they (fail to) provide and the responsibilities they give rise to. Hindriks has published in journals such as Economics and Philosophy, Erkenntnis, Mind & Language, Philosophical Psychology, the Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophical Studies.

University of Groningen

The Netherlands

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